Saturday, August 22, 2009

Atlanta Micro Meet on 8/14/09 and Touring Update

Met up with Jon and Zac from the Atlanta area during my trip there on the weekend of 8/14 to 8/16. We got together at a local Starbucks and chatted about old BMW's for a while. Both their '02's are quite nice, and the engine on Jon's car sounds mean.

On the touring front, not much to report. Sandblasting will begin soon, and most of the required sheet metal has been bought. As I have mentioned before, this is a long term project, which will progress as time and funds allow.

In other news, my daughter Michelle sold her E36 325i and got herself a sweet 1989 635csi. It is an automatic with Dinan engine and transmission upgrades, and looks very nice. I had a chance to drive it during this trip and got many compliments from people who thought it was mine.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trip to Villalba on 7/26/09

On Sunday, July 26, Ipe, a 2002 owner from Villalba, invited a group of us to his town for a meet and greet and some lunch. He did a great job, and even had free t-shirts for everyone!

Total attendance was about 15 owners. Not as much as expected, but we had fun. The drives to and from there were great, and I enjoyed them in the Schwarz 2002. Temps are not an issue now, but it is running quite rich. I have to take care of that next.

We are planning our next outing for October 11 by the beach at Guardarraya in Patillas. It should be a good one.