Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Schwarz E21 gets new carpets

Spent the day yesterday installing a new carpet set on the Schwarz E21. This set was the first one done by Esty Anderson, who has done almost 200 sets for 2002's. She offered it to me so I could install it and give her some feedback, and I must say I was very pleased with the quality of the set and the ease with which it was installed by my son and I.

Next in line fort the car is painting the door panels, installing the console and radio and, when funds permit, reupholstering the seats.

Here are some before and after pics (click on each pi to see it full size). If you are interested in a set for your E21, you can reach Esty at

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

End of June Touring Update

Well, my daughter finally sent some pics of the touring's progress. All the rusty metal has been cut out from the rear and a new trunk floor has been ordered from BMW. Previous repairs in the rear shock towers have been removed so they can be re-done properly.

The rear valance was quite ugly, so it was cut off, and another was removed from a regular '02 to see if it can be made to fit. This '02 also donated other parts of its body, including the Hofmeister kinks.

Maybe I'll get another update soon, but I expect to travel to Atlanta in the middle of August and should have a more thorough update then.

Hopefully by the next update we will see new metal added to the car so it can start taking shape again.

It's unfortunate that the car is half an ocean away and I can't be doing any work on it. Hopefully I can be there when reassembly begins, which is the most fun part of any project.

In other news, I created a message Board in Spanish for Classic BMW owners in Puerto Rico. It has been slow to catch on since I started it a week or so ago, but hopefully it will become a great resource for Bimmerheads like me in the island.

Here's the link: