Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Schwarz '02 gets its head back

As you might have read on one of my posts back in April, the Schwarz '02 overheated and the diagnosis revealed that it was a cylinder head problem. It turned out to be that one of the water passages had corroded and water was seeping into the #1 piston's combustion chamber.

After removing it and bringing it to my buddy Ramon in Patillas, one thing turned into another and it couldn't be installed until the Saturday before last. The car started up pretty quickly and seems to be keeping its cool. I haven't tried it out on the road yet, but I let it idle for quite a bit with no problem.

After not starting it for a couple of months, I notice now several rattles and noises which I didn't pay much attention to before. The throwout bearing (hopefully it's the t/o bearing) rattles quite annoyingly when the clutch is engaged, and there is also an engine noise which sounds like a faint knock which I would have to investigate.

This car's engine was overhauled about 20 years ago, so it might be time to refreshen it soon. It does not use any oil, but it's idling erratically, and I would like to get a fresher cylinder head installed with a cam in order to take advantage of the Weber 38/38's higher gas flow.

All this is wishful thinking for now, since my play funds (and then some) are going towards the touring.